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General Purpose Detergent With Oil Spill Dispersant


Busol Rig-Wash is liquid cleaning product for dry or wet washing techniques on oil rigs: platforms, struts, pipeline, pumps, compressions, engines, equipment, machinery,vehicles, tools, bare or painted metals, concrete, rubber, plastics, etc. - all water safe surfaces.
Busol Rig-Wash can be used to assist in the dispering of floating oils caused by spillage, on the sea by emulsifying such oils and preventing fires on the sea and also preventing water pollution.

Busol Rig-Wash is mostly uses neat and in some cases as emulsion detergent. Due to its properties it can be universally applied. In shipping for deck cleaning (does not effect paint) and, in a 5 to 10 percent emulsion, for the cleaning of cooling systems. Busol Rig-Wash is also used for cleaning oil rig holding tank, cargo tanks, bunker tanks, ship engine rooms, floor degreasing and for spot cleaning. Busol Rig-Wash leaves no measy scum on surface when applied.

Apply neat Busol Rig-Wash to the part to be clean by means of sprays or brushes or immerse the article in a bath of cleaning liquid. After a short soaking period, it can be rinsed off with water. Parts on which rust formation must be avoided should not be rinsed down with water. Busol Rig-Wash can be safely applied on aluminium, zinc, cooper, cast iron, chromium and on practically all painted surface.


Appearance : Liquid
Specific gravity : 1,044
pH value : 12,0
Boiling point : 212oF
Vapor Pressure : 17 mm Hg@20oC
Solubility : Complete
Corrosive property : Nil

For any further information required please contact your Busol Chemical Specialist.

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