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Specially Inhibited Acid Cleaning Powder for the Removal of Deposits from Water Systems.

BUSOL SAF ACID is an almost chloride free and efficienctly inhibited sulphamic acid based cleaning powder for the removal of deposits in water systems. The special inhibitors contained in this product prevent the harmfull effects of the acid to the metals surfaces. This product can also be used on zinc, alumunium, martensitic stainless steel, galvanized materials or cast iron.

BUSOL SAF ACID is suitable for the removal of most hardness salt deposits in air conditioning systems, water heaters, pipe systems made of zinc, alumunium, galvanized materials and martensitic stainless steel.
This product can be applied in three ways:

  1. Circulation, by means of which a uniform concentration and rapid cleaning effect is obtained throughtout the system.
  2. Filling with a solution of the product and allowing it time to take effect.
  3. As an immersion liquid.


  1. We recommended that preliminary tests be carried out on samples of the original scale or deposit in order to select the most suitable acid cleaner and optimise concentration and temperature conditions.
  2. Where a boiler is soiled with light oil deposits, or it silicates and/or calcium sulphates are present, boiling out with BUSOL BOC recommended.
  3. Where a system is soiled with heavy mineral oil deposits, a preliminary treatment with our emulsifying agent BUSOL OGR is necessary.

Circulation and Filling Method

  1. Before cleaning with a BUSOL SAF ACID solution, we recommend thorough rinsing with water. This will partly or completely remove loose sludge, scale, etc.
  2. Depending on the nature of the scale and degree of contamination, we recommend the use of a cleaning solution having a concentration of 4-10 kg BUSOL SAF ACID per 100 of water. This solution can best be prepared by continuously stirring the powder into warm water.
  3. Solution of BUSOL SAF ACID may be heated to amaximum of 60oC which will result in a quicker cleaning process.
  4. During the cleaning process, with the dissolving of the deposits, inflammable and/or toxic gases may be released, therefore adequate ventilation must be provided. Avoid naked flames.
  5. The length the cleaning operation depends on the thickness and type of deposit and also on the concentration of our product used. Generally speaking, this period will be within 24 hours.
  6. After cleaning, drain off the cleaning solution and neutralise with BUSOL NEUTRALISIR outside the system.
  7. The rinse the system with water until there is a neutral reaction on pH paper.

BUSOL SAF ACID is especially suitable for the cleaning of systems containing e.g. alumunium, zinc or galvanized materials. These metals belong to the group of the so called amphoteric metals, which dissolve in alkaline liquids. After the use of BUSOL SAF ACID the only safe method is to rinse with water for an extended period if these metals are present.

Cleaning in Immersion Baths
Fill a plastic or plastic-lined bath with a solution of BUSOL SAF ACID in water (1 kg BUSOL SAF ACID to 9 water). Solution of BUSOL SAF ACID may be heated to a maximum of 60oC for a quicker cleaning process. This solution can best be prepared by continuously stirring the powder into warm water. Introduce the components to be cleaned into the bath and let them soak for a maximum of 24 hours, depending on the degree of staining. Remove the components from the bath and rinse them with a powerful water jet.

Light brown coloured powder, containing sulphamic acid, completely soluble in water, non-flammable and riot hygroscopic.
Suitable for use on most common metals including tin, zinc, alumunium, cast iron, martensitic stainless steel or galvanized materials.

Flashpoint c.c.
pH (1% solution)
IMDG code
: none
: 1.5
: no classification

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