Electric Cleaner Solvent Print
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Saturday, 03 October 2009 23:03


BUSOL ECS is detergent for electric motors and machine part.

BUSOL ECS is universally applied for the cleaning of motor and machine parts.

For using BUSOL ECS, we can distinguish between two groups, viz:

1.    Spray Methods
This method is used for remove dirt, oil, and moisture from solid mounted and such like. The spray apparatus must deliver a fine jet of liquid, which, however must not mist up. The equipment to be cleaned is first moistened by spraying once or twice; leave to soak for a period of time, whereby oil and dirt soak loose, then spray again with fresh BUSOL ECS until the apparatus is clean.
Excess amounts of BUSOL ECS are blown away with compressed air, after which the apparatus is allowed to dry off naturally.
Too quick evaporation can lead to moisture condensation. Where plastic and insulating lacquer are present, test these first for corrosion.

2.    Immersion bath
This method is used in works for the cleaning of loose parts. Generally, a special installation is needed for this. If cleaning does not take place regularly, a container can be used in which the parts are washed by hand.
When cleaning is done regularly, a tank with pump can be used so that fouling can be removed by repeated spraying withBUSOL ECS.
The parts to be cleaned are placed on a grid or in a basket above a catch tank. The greater part of the BUSOL ECS then flows back into the tank.


  • Non explosive
  • Non-inflammable
  • Non-corrosive to metals
  • Contain no tetra chloromethane

Although the poisonousness of BUSOL ECS is minimal, every care must nevertheless be taken when any solvent is used always to ensure sufficient ventilation. If work has to be done in badly ventilated areas, the use of breathing masks is recommended.

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