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Saturday, 21 November 2009 05:37

NEOS AB 3000 & AB 2000
Oil Spill Cleanup Agent

NEOS oil spill cleanup agent is simply diffused on the spilled oil with a pump or sprayer. As this agent is of an emulsion and dispersion type, the oil treated with NEOS oil spill cleanup agent, dissolves in water into tiny particles through the action of hydrophilic group and lypophilic group of the surfactant contained in the agent. These tiny oil particles suspended in water are gradually decomposed by the aqueous bacteria. The emulsified and dispersed oil never returns to its former state.

This newly developed agent has hardly any effect on laver, fish, and other marine resources.
It’s chemical quality never deteriorates after a long storage.

NEOS Ab 3000 exerts no adverse influence on marine products owing to its quick dispersion, as long as it is used in an ordinary way.
AB 3000 is preferable to treat the spilled oil in or near the laver nursery and the fish preserve.


Flash Point
Pour Point
Specific Gravity
Surface Active Agents
: No flash point to 212ºF
: Less than 32ºF
: 30.7 cSt at 104ºF
: 0.924 at 59ºF
: 8.0 (5wt % aq., at 77ºF)
: Nonionic and Cationic surfactants
: Paraffins
: None
: N/A



  1. Application Method : Spray neat concentrate on the oil slick in atomized form by means of a manual pump, or spray with a pump system incorporating an ejector system for drawing concentrate from the drum or stock tank. For aerial application, use a spray boom with pressure nozzles or rotating atomizers mounted on helicopters or airplanes.
  2. Concentration/Application Rate : The application rate is 65 gallons of dispersant per ton of oil. Five (5) to fifteen (15) parts of dispersant to suctioned water is recommended for ejector systems. For aerial application, 75 to 125 gallons per ton of oil is recommended.
  3. Conditions for Use : NEOS AB3000 can be used in salt water. It is effective with crude and residual heavy oil. The dispersant is also effective at controlling volatile emissions from the oil.


Spray neat solution of NEOS AB 3000 or AB 2000 in atomized form by means of a manual pump, etc. After the agent has sufficiently seeped into the oil slick, agitate the water surface with the screwe of a boat, a wash-deck hose or an ejector.
Standard dosage:

- Light oil and lubricating oil
- Crude oil
- Heavy oil (A. B. C.)
: 15 – 20%
: 15 – 20%
: 20 – 40%

(Subject to minor changes according to the drifting condition of the oil slick)


  1. Flammability: NEOS AB3000 is flammable; keep away from open flame.
  2. Ventilation: Special ventilation is not required; however, natural ventilation is recommended.
  3. Skin and eye contact; protective clothing; treatment in case of contact: Contact may cause skin and eye irritation. Goggles and rubber clothing are recommended during application. In case of contact with skin or eye, flush with copious amounts of fresh water. If severe, consult a doctor.
    Maximum storage temperature
    Minimum storage temperature
    Optimum storage temperature range
    Temperatures of phase separations and chemical changes

    : 158ºF
    : 32ºF
    : 50 to 140ºF
    : Phase separation and chemical changes do not appear between the temperature range of 32 to 158ºF.

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