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Thursday, 05 November 2009 10:57


Busol Rust Converter is a complex mixture of Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer and pure grade of Tannic Acid, which converts rust to highly stable black Iron-Oxide magnetite. When Busol Rust Converter is applied you will see and almost immediate conversion of the rusted surface from reddish orange to bluish-black. Within minutes a thermoplastic seal has begun to from which

  1. Converis the rust to stable form
  2. Protect the metal from further rusting
  3. Form a weatherproof, heat and moisture resistant coating which helps protect iron and steel from re-rusting when top coated with conventioneer finishes.

Busol Rust Converter is self-priming but for long term protection it is advisable to overcoat with a suitable water or solvent base topcoat.

Surface should be wire brushed to remove those rust and it is preferable to remove soluble salts or grease by washing with water as they inhibit the conversion process. Busol Rust Converter has been designed for application by spray, brush, roller or dipping. By airless spray the dry film thickness of up to 60 microns can be achieved without sagging. By brush application a dry film thickness of 40 microns per coat is considered optimum. Busol Rust Converter is an effective paint primer. One of more coat of Busol Rust Converter are used according to rust density. No other treatment is needed. Busol Rust Converter does not damage well-adhered paint.

Temperature humidity, air movement and film thickness all affect the time to reach the touch dry stage. Under ideal conditions a 100 micron wet film of Busol Rust Converter will be touched dry in approximately 10 minutes at 20 dig C whereas at 10 dig C and with little air movement this time can be as long as 2 hoursĀ  Busol Rust Converter should not be applies at temperature below 10 dig C or when there is a risk of condensation or rain during the drying period.

Busol Rust Converter can be used in every industry Automobile manufacturing repair and maintenance chemical and petrochemical plants, marine, mining and construction industry, transport and offshore, etc.

25 Litres/pail

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