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Saturday, 03 October 2009 23:45


BUSOL FOT is a catalystic operating fuel additive with strong sludge and emulation breaking properties.

Formation of emulsion
Heavy oil will form stable emulsion, much more easily then light oil, which are often very difficult to break. Heavy bunker oil practically always contain traces of water which condensation of moisture and the higher molecular hydrocarbons.
When these emulsion, come to the burner one has to take into account considerable obstructions. In addition, emulsion, come to the burner one has to take into account considerable obstructions. In addition, emulsions increase the formation of sludge in the fuel tank.
BUSOL FOT contains special surface-active additive with a strong sludge dispersant effect, which break such emulsion.

When mixis various kind of oil, higher molecular constituents especially paraffin parts, can separate. Such operations come existence especially with low temperatures. The active ingredients in BUSOL FOT contain chemical that adhere to the crystalization nuclei and retard the development of precipitation.

BUSOL FOT contain surface-active substances, which actually reduce the limit surface tension oil/air and consequently result in a finer atomization in the burner. Trough this combustion and the better use of the fuel are reached which lead to a saving of fuel.

All heavy oil contains relatively large quantities of sulphur (up to 2%) which after combustion from sulphur dioxide with low temperature. Of combustion and with the aid of catalytic action of the vanadium compounds present in all kinds of oil, sulphur trioxide developers from sulphur dioxide. On cooler surface, sulphur trioxide and water traces condense to form the dangerous sulphuric acid.
The use of BUSOL FOT, a higher temperature is reached by means of the better combustion of the oil. Besides, BBUSOL FOT contains metal organic compound, which make the catalytic influence of keeping clean the exhaust space. Through the improved combustion, and special nitrogen containing compounds, the exhaust pipes are kept free of deposits.

Generally, BUSOL FOT is added to the fuel during bunkering, by which a homogeneous mixture is obtained. At first, the dosage amounts to one liter BUSOL FOT on four-liter ton fuel. Later the dosage can be reduced to a rate of one liter on six-ton fuel.

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