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Tuesday, 06 July 2010 22:49

BUSOL Oil Water Separator is a superior solvent emulsifying detergent for general engine room degreasing, and for cleaning and gas freeing of bilges. Its unique blend of surfactans, wetting agents, and solvents results in a product which has exceptional cleaning properties, breaks quickly, and does not harm the operation of oily water separators required under the regulations.


  • Does not harm functioning of oily water separators.
  • Quick breaking.
  • Solvent emulsifying cleaner.
  • Concentrated
  • Readily disperses in water.


  • Reduces the potential of oil discharge.
  • Does not contribute to unit operating problems.
  • Allows oil to separate from water.
  • Reduces cleaning time.
  • Minimizes manual cleaning.
  • Low application costs.
  • Easy to apply.


General Degreasing

For general purpose cleaning and degreasing, use BUSOL Oil Water Separator neat or diluted with fresh or seawater depending on cleaning required. If spent cleaning solutions are to go through an oily water separator, ensure that concentration does not exceed recommended levels by separator manufacturer and, if possible, allow time for settling and separation to occur.

Bilge Cleaning
To clean oil from the bilges by the rock and roll method, add BUSOL Oil Water Separator at one or more locations in the bilge at the approximate dosage level indicated in the table. Add seawater to fill aproximately 1/3 of the bilge capacity and allow the natural rock and roll motion of the vessel to provide agitation for a minimum of 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours, pump the bilge in accordance with normal procedures, inspect and if required, repeat the procedure or spot clean.

Phisical Properties

Specific gravity
Flash point (TCC)
: Clear, light amber
: 0.90
: 71,6oC (161oF)

Packaging : 25 liter/pail

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